Maintain Reliability and Longevity of your Heat Exchanger and the valuable equipment it keeps cool

Hexxaclean heat exchanger cip clean in place cleaner
With Hexxaclean CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaner it is possible to clean the heat exchanger in its location without the need to move or disassemble the heat exchanger.

During time the circulating substance and its’ particles clutters the inner plates of the heat exchanger.

Keeping the plates clean keeps the heat exchanger running cool, stable and efficient.

Custom design for your needs

Hexxaclean CIP cleaners are custom design. We determine with you what are the needed specifications and features. Cleaner will then be manufactured according to Your needs based on Your heat exchanger and premises.

It is our way to provide you the best possible results and value for investment.

High quality parts and manufacturing

Hexxaclean heat exchanger cleaners are made in Finland by our experienced professionals. We use only reliable high quality materials and parts which origins are traced. For example all critical metal parts are stainless steel, gaskets are corrosion resistant and electronics are made by trusted companies and meet the high European standards. With Hexxaclean you get the best possible results and value.

Service model according to your needs

As well as the technical details we agree with you about the best suitable service model for you.

  Hexxaclean CIP cleaner

+ Training for your employees or your local partner

In this service model we manufacture and deliver the Hexxaclean CIP cleaner for you.

Additionally, we train your own employees or your local maintenance partner to use Hexxaclean. This way you have full control of who uses the machine.


Hexxaclean CIP cleaner

+ Cleaning as a service

In this service model we manufacture and deliver the Hexxaclean CIP cleaner for you.

Additionally, we make a service agreement with you about the heat exchanger cleaning. This way you own the machine and don’t need to search for machine and service partners. We send our selected professionals to do the cleaning when needed.

We offer also a full service model which means that we use our own Hexxaclean CIP cleaner and personnel in your location. This is affordable model if your premises are located nearby, e.g. in Finland, Sweden or Norway. 

Trusted Partner

Sah-Ko Oy (Ltd.), the company behind the Hexxaclean brand, is located in Oulu Finland and was founded in 1955. We are known as a reliable partner and are trusted from small companies to largest international corporations.

Customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality of work and keeping our promises are important to us. Our work safety, sustainability and production methods are developed actively.

Our long experience and service chain includes everything needed to offer high quality products and services: Metal Sales, Machinery Part and Steel Structure manufacturing, Pipeline and Tank manufacturing and Industrial Installation and Maintenance services. Our customers benefit from our versatility and broad service chain which brings easiness, certainty and flexibility.

Hexxaclean CIP cleaners are manufactured in our production premises in Oulu, Finland

Information Security, Management and Sustainability


We take the needed steps to keep your and our own business secured. Familiar to us are e.g. NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), ePrivacy etc.


We have ISO 9001:2015 Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environment certificates and we have successfully passed HSEQ Health and Safety audit. We take sustainable development into account and e.g. utilize materials as far as possible and the rest unusable pieces are collected in separate bins by their material type and recycled regularly via a recycling service company.

Our customers

We offer a broad range of industrial services. From small local companies to largest global corporations, our customers work in many fields of industries.

We have delivered CIP cleaners e.g. to one of the world’s leading Data Management and Cloud Service companies.

We are here to help you

Send us your brief information and let’s arrange a phonecall or a Teams meeting to discuss about how we could help you.